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A Poem for Rendezvous

Written by one of our creative customers, this poem about our cafe gallery was written during a meet up group of writers and we're so happy to see that the surroundings inspired some creativity! 

Here's the poem. 

Three stamened metal flowers protrude on an open door to the second floor.

Perspex circular tables in lime green, orange, ruby red on shiny steel round bases
Leather banquettes with shiny steel legs. Their upholstered buttoned backs reveal bright orchid floral patterns.

A Union Jack settee, a red female moulded chair, long necked and oval headed. 

Plastic chairs with oval Emmental cheese backrests and the piece de resistance that furnishes the room, a double-seater mosaic mirrored chair 

with eye holes, gilded outlines separating the swirled silver base from shapes in indigo, purple and red 

in whose base sits a rectangular cushion crowned with heraldic beasts staring at you.

Oh no I forgot the more conventional comfortable chairs covered in Indian restaurant flocked flowered wallpaper.
But these are subdued in charcoal grey and black.

The central light black and white suspended and on the circular base sit three white and three black pierrots supporting white mini gossamer silk shades.

The pictures on the wall are lit by black metal spotlights.From where I sit by the bay window with green plants either side 

I see a green and blue palette oil seascape, a brown twigged tree bearing the occasional orange blossom with grey rings of shadow in the background.
Geometrical shapes perhaps beach huts, and the sun, and triangular and squared abstract in paint box colours displayed on the same wall. 

To the left a circular pier within a spiral, with candy themed helter-skelters from a blocky architectural sandstone conglomeration.

A moonlit night through clouds on a still bay. Various orbs and a sphere densed with tubed oil.
A yellow background reveals an embroidered shiny bronzed tree with golden discs standing in embroidered earth.
Looking to the right a couple walking by the west pier in the rain, people waiting, maybe at the station, patches of light and shade.
A winter landscape

A smiling coloured face or is it really a smile?
A rural river landscape, house, moored boat reflections and playful clouds,
A caricature of a moustached man
A depiction of Timothy Spall as Turner with his last love
An old man with a stick
A young boy with a striped shirt sporting a panama.

The tea is served in gilt rose and turquoise- leafed decorated pots, the cups portraits, blended bright colours. Look at them twice!
The spoon oval shaped is a trombone handle. The sugar holder, swan necked in whose wings black serviettes are neatly folded.

Silence apart from the occasional Tippetty tap of keys, tea being poured, food being munched.
Stillness and concentration fills the room
An occasional sigh, or body readjusting position.
An occasional smile flickers, hand moves 

Copying, editing. 

As I get up to go to the loo I spot the black zebra with rectangular pieces of striped fur, sporting a headdress of a black feather trimmed shade.
I come up the three flights and look through the eyes of the mirrored chair and see the purple porcelain diver, the rose leaved candlelabra
and the long stemmed steel tulip, grasp its white candle.

Pages are turned, nails chewed. 

Outside in the wet lane the street lights Victorian glimmer an occasional figure passes some shop windows and lights shimmer colour the grey and the occasional sound of traffic up West Street. 

Teapot empty biscuit savoured. Sign outside Burger King this way.

This was written during a meet up meeting for writers on a Tuesday evening. 

The service was excellent, your order is brought to you and at the end of the evening there is a raffle and someone wins an elegant cup!
The Rendevous independent cafe is worth a visit and during the day you can sit on the first floor where more artistic delights can be seen.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

We love to party and have hosted some fantastic meet-up’s and get-together’s at the café this season. From jazz parties to creative meetings through to baby showers, our three floor venue filled with beautiful local art has been the perfect backdrop for a wide variety of celebrations and get-together’s this year.

So to everyone who has supported us on social media, visited us for a relaxing drink and snack, popped in to see the art or hosted a party with us- thank you so much and we wish you a very Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas too to the incredible local art talent who we’ve had the pleasure of showcasing. We have loved every single item that has been displayed in the café gallery and thank you for enriching our lives with your beautiful pieces.

Finally a big Merry Christmas to everyone in our community in Brighton. We love being here and feel blessed to be running our business in the City’s centre. We look forward to seeing our wonderful customers old and new in 2016.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


The team at Rendezvous Café Gallery

We're carrying on the celebration with 20% off our extended wine selection

For a limited time only you can relax and unwind emersed in beautiful local art and indulge in a glass or two of our finest from only £2.00 a glass!

125ml/glass: £2.00
175ml/glass: £2.80

Wine list:
Cabernet Sauvignon (Yellow Tail / Australia)
Grenache Shiraz (Jocob’s Creek  / Australia)
Malbec (Calvet Cahors / France)
Merlot  (Yellow Tail / Australia)
Shiraz  (Yellow Tail / Australia)
Chardonnay (Yellow Tail / Australia)
Pinot Grigio (Canaletto / Italy)
Sauvignon Blanc (Yellow Tail / Australia)
Rosé D’Anjou (Pierre Brévin / France)

So with even more reasons to join us in raising a glass, we hope to see you soon. 

Happy Birthday Rendezvous! We're 1 this week. 

We are celebrating our first Birthday! 
It's been a whole year since we first opened our doors in Central Brighton and to celebrate we have some gifts to thank our valued customers. 

Spend £5.00 and receive a Chinese Knot free gift
Spend £10.00 and receive an Arty China Key Chain or Tea Pot Mat free gift
Spend £20.00 and receive a lovely tea pot free gift to take home!

The gifts are limited and first come, first served. Thank you for your continued support. We hope you can come and help us celebrate this week with tea, coffee, wine, beer, cakes and light bites on offer there's no excuse not to treat yourself. 


Best in Sussex

We’re thrilled to be listed on the Best in Sussex website under the category of best café! We sit amongst some really excellent places to visit for a relaxed and social moment with friends and family. We do stand out a bit from the other entries with our interiors and art work! A far reach from your traditional tea room or modern coffee shop surrounding. We love to be a bit different and I guess that’s why we’re listed as one of the best café’s in Sussex.

You can read our entry here

They've got some great pictures of the inside of the cafe which really capture what we are about, so please feel free to take a look before you visit.

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Celebrating local art

At Rendezvous gallery you’ll know we celebrate local art talent from the Brighton & Hove Arts Council. A huge variety of work from watercolour paintings to abstract sculptures every piece has pride of place across three floors of our café/gallery.

We have been offering a variety of refreshments at the café since opening including specialist herbal teas, selection of coffee, soft drinks and healthy smoothies. You can even enjoy a spot of lunch, afternoon tea or choose from our fantastic selection of gorgeous patisseries and cakes.

We all know that it’s not a real celebration without the option of a glass of wine, prosecco or a bottle of beer on offer! Now you can sit back and relax, enjoy your surroundings, take in the ambience and celebrate fantastic local art talent while sipping on an even wider selection of drinks.

We look forward to welcoming you. 


Art for the home

We love to receive feedback from our customers. This valued customer purchased some local art on their visit and have added their own unique spin on it for display in their home. Here's there story. 

My wife and I were fortunate enough to visit your café at the end of last year.  I purchased a set of the unusual music teaspoons which you had at the time.  I kept these as a surprise valentines present but delivered them in a very artistic way – which I hope you will appreciate.

I have enclosed a picture to show what I had done – I hope you like it.

We are back in Brighton this November – we will try to visit again.


Local Art

Why a smoothie a day can keep the doctor away


We’ve all heard the phrase an apple a day keeps the doctor away, and this is true of most fruit and vegetables. It is recommended that we consume a minimum of 5 servings of fruit and vegetables per day, which can be a challenge for a lot of people with busy lifestyles.

We wanted to ensure there was a smoothie option added to our menu at Rendezvous Café to allow our visitors the opportunity to make the healthy choice when they visit us, should they want to.

Our last blog covered the health benefits of drinking tea and in this article we’ll be looking at 10 of the great reasons smoothies are a healthy and delicious choice when visiting Rendezvous.

  1. Get your recommended fruit and vegetable intake. By cramming 2-3 servings of fruit and vegetables in to our smoothies you can get a big hit of nutrients and minerals in one easy and delicious drink.
  2. Kids like smoothies. They are colourful and fun making it easier to give your children a nutrients boost without the need to hide (often unwanted) vegetables in to their food.
  3. Energy. Because smoothies have slow release energy you’ll not only benefit from a pick me up in the short term, but also feel more energised for the rest of the day.
  4. Improve athletic performance by feeding your body with a hit of nutrients from a smoothie.
  5. Improved digestion. Smoothies are a natural source of fibre and place less strain on the digestive system as a liquid meal replacement.
  6. Empower your immune system. Vitamins in fruits and vegetables are known to aid and develop your immune system. The volume of fruit and vegetables packed in to our smoothies will help give your immune system an extra boost.
  7. Studying for an exam or working on a project during your visit to Rendezvous? Feed your brain with nutrients and say goodbye to brain fog.
  8. They’re delicious. Healthy doesn’t have to be dull. Experience three great flavour combinations carrot boost, ginger beets and green reviver!
  9. Improved health leads to better sleep, which in turn leads to better health. Win win!
  10. Finally, it’s all about choice. You may choose to enjoy a coffee and cake as a treat when you visit us, or a healthy smoothie, now the choice is yours. 


Meet Chris Batt - Artist in resident at Rendezvous Cafe

Chris has 4 incredible pieces of artwork on showcase at Rendezvous currently. Her work sits perfectly alongside the talent showcased by the other local artists. Here we detail a bit more about Chris's influences and how she got started discovering her artistic talent. Chris first started painting at an adult education class in 1998. Chris tells of how she wanted the opportunity to study something creative after focusing on academic classes during her schooling. 

Chris had always favoured watercolour and loved the structure to building a watercolour picture, but in recent months Chris tells of her exciting transition into mixed media. "It's extremely exhilirating after the formality of traditional watercolour". It is her mixed media works on display at Rendezvous. These are called "Poppy" and a collection of 3 abstracts. 

Chris says painting and sketching has enabled her to meet a variety of people who share her interest in art. "The fun of going out sketching with a view to producing a painting when returning home, including the memories of a great day out, is a great way to spend my spare time".

Discover more about Chris Batt and view her website gallery. You can also like Chris's Facebook page

Drinking Tea is a Healthy Habit

 Brits do love a good cup of tea with more than 165 million cups being drunk every day in the UK! There’s a huge variety of teas on the market nowadays, from Earl Grey  to Green Tea, Black Tea and the humble PG Tips. Tea is made from the leaves of a Camellia sinensis bush. Green tea is made from un-fermented leaves, black tea goes  through an oxidation process being fully fermented and Oolong tea leaves are partially fermented.

 The health benefits of our beloved tea drink include cell protection via a substance called polyphenols found in black tea. A health study reported that drinking 3 cups of  tea a day can reduce blood pressure and another suggested that it can reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes. There’s even been comment from scientists that the natural  antioxidants in tea can help prevent some types of cancer.

 Regularly drinking tea can reduce your risk of strokes and lower the risk of diabetes, high cholesterol, kidney stones, Parkinson’s disease, osteoporosis, ovarian cancer,  lung cancer!

 So with so many excellent reasons to indulge in your favourite afternoon pick me up, why not try one of these delicious loose leaf blends available at Rendezvous Art  Café.

 Apple & Elderflower Green Tea

 Belvety Vanilla Flavor Chai Latte Tea

 Blooming Tea                      

 Forest Fruit Tea

 Ginger Peach Tea

 Jasmine Tea           

 Lemon Tea

 Jasmine Petals & Pearls Green Tea

 Bollywood Chai Latte Tea          

 Mint Tea

 Nutty Chocolate Flavor Assam    

 Oolong Rose Tea

 Passion Fruit Blossom Tea       

 Peach Blossom Tea  

 Peppermint & Green Gunpowder Tea 

 Popcorn Green Tea             

 Rooibos Herbal Tea  

 Superfluity Flavor Tea         

 Pomegranate Tea

 Thoroughly Minted Tea

 Tropical Fruit Green Tea             

Rendezvous Café Artist in Residence


Kim Adele Fuller

Kim is a contemporary artist inspired by the beauty of nature, principally the sea and sky. She describes her work as primarily watercolour built through layers of colour and texture to capture the light and energy of the scene.

Kim’s giclee prints named Pink Pavilion, Figs and The Big One are currently being showcased at our art café in central Brighton. The art works from Kim are perfectly suited to fit the relaxed and colourful ambience of Rendezvous café.

We are thrilled to be showcasing Kim’s work as a local talent from neighbouring Shoreham-By-Sea. Kim is also the chair of the Adur Art Collective consisting of over 120 local artists of varying capacities including textiles, photography, sculptors as well as painters.

Other Adur Art Collective members showcasing at Rendezvous include Val Chandler, Clare Ford, Angela Edwards, Geof Lowe, Carol Parker and Marilyn Stafford. Keep your eyes peeled for blogs on these and other great local talents from Brighton and the surrounding areas.

We look forward to welcoming you soon to experience a host of local art in a friendly, relaxed and spacious environment over three floors with fine food, cakes, coffee, tea, smoothies and more!